1.3 Released!

We've been working to bring you even more value by adding and improving functionality to further streamline your workflow.

Instrukt v1.3 is available as an update in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Sub Reports!

  • Past and future sub request activity is visible anytime
  • Select a date range to view
  • Filter results based on what you want to see
  • Sort results for easy viewing
  • View comments instructors submitted with their sub request
  • Export reports of the filtered data any time

Weekly reports will still be emailed to you.


To access your sub reports:

login to your account here and select 'sub reports'.

You can login to your account anytime at instruktapp.com


Studio Announcements

  • Send studio announcements to your team
  • No contact lists required!
  • Announcements won’t get buried in your teams’ email inboxes!
  • Include pictures
  • If you have multiple locations, send to specific locations or all
  • Announcements are 1-way only

User Interface Updates

  • Tabs have been removed for better use of available screen space
  • Tap the bell icon for the notifications list
  • Tap the chat bubble to compose and view studio announcements



Where’d the Classes and Instructors settings go?

  • Class and instructor setup is now in the settings menu.
  • Settings are now accessed by tapping on the three bars in the upper left corner.

More Updates Coming Soon!

  • Owners, managers and the instructor who submitted the sub request will be able to see who is available to sub and who has declined the opportunity.
  • Instructors can access sub requests they have previously declined.
  • See if the request has been made as a Preferred request