Setting up a Studio Account

The owner account setup experience is best through your computer web browser due to the MINDBODY integration process.

Create your account

  1. Click here to create a studio owner account.
  2. Enter the information needed to setup your account and click on “Create Your Account”

Using the process outlined here, you can only create one studio owner account per MINDBODY site ID. Additional owners and manager accounts can be added later. 

Integrate with MINDBODY

You need to have sufficient account permissions to complete MINDBODY API integration in order to proceed. In a separate browser tab, log in to your MINDBODY account and click on “Manager Tools -> API Integrations to verify you have the ability to complete API integrations. Remain logged into MINDBODY.

  1. Return to the tab where you are setting up your Instrukt account and enter your studio information.
  2. Enter your studio name.
  3. Enter your MINDBODY siteID.
  4. Click on ‘Get Activation Code’

Using an incorrect or incomplete siteID will cause errors with the integration process.
If you do not know your MINDBODY siteID or need to verify it, you can find it in the bottom right corner of your MINDBODY page.

On the next screen:

  1. Click on ‘Connect’
  2. MINDBODY will open in another browser tab and complete the activation process.
  3. When the activation is successful, you will see a green check mark in the API activation window.
  4. Verify that you see see 'Oscar App Labs' in the list of 'Who has access to your API'.
  5. Return to the browser tab where you are creating your Instrukt account and click on ‘Sync’

If you did not see a green check mark:

  1. Below the ‘Connect’ button on the Instrukt setup tab there is an activation code.
  2. Copy the activation code and paste it into Activation code field at Manager Tools -> API Integrations in MINDBODY.
  3. If the activation code is bad, you may have entered an incorrect site ID for your studio.
  4. Return to the Instrukt setup tab and click on ‘Edit your studio’ to re-enter your site ID and generate a new activation code.

Create your Instrukt subscription

  1. Select the subscription level that fits your studio
  2. Enter payment information and save it. Instrukt uses Stripe to process transactions.
  3. Confirm your subscription details and click on ‘Start Plan’

NEXT STEP: Studio Setup

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