Instrukt Features for Studio Owners & Managers

Built to save you time and maximize your efficiency


Schedule View

Your default view.

Everything is managed from one easy-to-understand view.

Tap on any class in the schedule to view class details, request subs, sub a class, or cancel a sub request.

Your schedule is imported from MINDBODY. Your Instrukt schedule is updated when you make changes in MINDBODY.

Schedule colors

Colors and badges in the schedule indicate class status

Color-coding for instructors is slightly different.

schedule colors 1

Schedule filters

See only what you need to see. Filter the schedule to see:

  1. All classes
  2. Classes with open sub requests
  3. Classes that are being subbed
  4. If you are also an instructor, the classes you are teaching

tap on the icon on the left side to display the filter options


Requesting subs

Subs are requested by tapping on the class in the schedule view and tapping on 'request sub'

  1. Instructors can request subs for their classes
  2. Owners and managers can request subs on behalf of an instructor

When a sub is requested, notifications are sent to:

  1. Instructors who are pre-approved to sub the class
  2. Studio management

Available classes are shown in approved instructors' schedules.

Instructors will not see sub requests for classes they are not approved to sub.

Owners, managers, and requesting instructor can cancel the sub request at any time before it has been accepted by another instructor.

Selecting Prefered subs

When requesting a sub, preferred subs can be selected from the instructors who have been pre-approved to sub the class. Preferred subs receive the sub request notification 18 hours before other approved instructors*. Preferred subs might be used when:

  1. A sub is pre-arranged
  2. Specific instructors will offer more continuity for clients
  3. Studio management preference

If the sub request is still open at the end of the preferred window, it is sent to other approved subs.

*if the sub request is submitted within 36 hours of class time, preferred subs will have 4 hours to accept before the request is sent to the other pre-approved subs. 


Sub Request comments

Comments can be added to a sub request to add context or provide a reason for the sub request. Comments are not required, but they might help get sub requests filled faster.

Comments for completed sub requests can be viewed in the sub reports portal.

Declining sub requests

Owners, managers, and instructors can decline sub requests to indicate they are unavailable or uninterested in filling a sub request.

When owners decline a sub request:

  1. The class remains in the schedule view, with its status indicated.
  2. The declined status will be indicated in the available subs list.
  3. Owners and managers will continue to receive reminder notifications if the class remains unfilled
  4. The sub request will remain available to be accepted.

When instructors decline a sub request:

  1. The class is removed from their schedule view.
  2. The declined status will be indicated in the available subs list.
  3. The instructor will not receive reminder notifications if the sub request remains open
  4. An instructor who has declined a request can view it in their notifications list and decide to accept it.

Available sub status

Only owners, managers, and the requesting instructor can see who is available and who has declined a sub request. Available instructors are shown at the bottom of the sub request detail screen for all open sub requests. An instructor who has declined the request will be indicated with a red 'X' badge on their profile picture.

Sub reports

See all sub activity for past or future classes. Select a date range, specific instructor or class. What ever you need to see. Download reports to save and share. It's all there and much easier than manually tracking your sub requests.

Log in anytime using the log in links on our home page.

You'll also receive a weekly sub summary report in your email every Monday morning.

owner status view


Owners and managers receive notifications when:

  1. A sub request is submitted
  2. A sub request is accepted
  3. A sub request is cancelled
  4. Class time is approaching and a sub request remains open.

Notifications are sent via push (if enabled) and in-app notifications. In-app notifications can be accessed by tapping on the bell icon in the top bar of the schedule view.


Send announcements to your team and ensure they are not buried in their email inboxes. They'll have easy access to them in the future. Include pictures or links to online documents. If you have multiple studio locations, choose to send announcements to selected locations or all locations.

Owners and managers can create new studio announcements. Announcements are one-way only. Your team cannot respond to them.

Tap the announcements icon in the top bar to send out new studio announcements

Instrukt announcements

Calendar Sync

Instructors can sync their teaching schedule with the native calendar on their phone. Regularly scheduled and subbing classes will be shown in the calendar. Turn on calendar sync in the settings menu.