Adding Instructors to Instrukt

If you are setting up a new studio, read the owner setup document for detailed instructions on adding your instructors.

Add the Instructor in MINDBODY

Before you can setup your new instructor in Instrukt, add them to your staff in MINDBODY .


Adding Staff in MINDBODY


It can take a few minutes for new staff members to be imported into Instrukt. You can pull down on the Instructors screen to force an immediate refresh of the Instructors list. 

Setup the Instructor in Instrukt

All Instrukt setup is done in the app.

  1. From the settings menu, tap on 'Instructors'.
  2. Tap on the instructor's name.
  3. The email address for the instructor is imported from MINDBODY. Verify the address. Tap on it to modify, if needed.
  4. Tap 'Send Invite'
  5. Select class types to define which classes the instructor is approved to sub.
  6.  Select 'Locations' on the selector bar at the top of the list and select the locations where the instructor is approved to sub.
  7. Tap 'Done', then tap the back arrow to return to your instructor list.

If your new instructor is already using Instrukt at another studio, they should not create a new Instrukt account. They can accept your studio invite and link their profile at your studio to their existing Instrukt account. 


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