Getting Started with Instrukt

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Download Instrukt

All sub requests are managed in the app.

Accept your studio invite

Your studio management will send you an invite to their Instrukt team. You have a few options when accepting your studio invite:

The email address used for your Instrukt account does not need to match the email your studio has in MINDBODY. Your email address is only used for you to log in to Instrukt.


I want to create my Instrukt account using the same email address my studio invite was sent to

This is the simplest option.

Open Instrukt on your phone and create an Instructor account using the email address your studio invite was sent to. You will be asked to accept the invite after creating your account.

You can also create an account here. The first time you log in to the app you will be asked to accept your invite.




I want to create my account using an alternate email address

After downloading Instrukt - while viewing the studio invite email on your phone, tap on the 'Accept Invite' link. Instrukt will open. Create your account using your preferred email address. You will be asked to accept the invite after creating your account.


If the new invite is sent to the email address you already use for Instrukt, you will see a notification for the new invite and can accept the invite from the notification. The invite can also be found in the settings menu in the 'Studio Associations' setting.

I already have an Instrukt account and want to accept an invite to another studio

Don't create another Instrukt account.

From your phone, click on the 'Accept Invite' link in the invite email you received. Instrukt will open and you will be asked to accept the new studio invite.


When you associate your Instrukt account with more that one studio you will see your schedule from all studios in one account. Your entire teaching schedule is available in one place.

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