Getting Started with Instrukt

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Download Instrukt

Studio setup is done in the app.

Open the settings menu

  1. Tap on the collapsed menu icon
  2. Tap on Settings

Set Your Studio Class Types

Class types are used to define which instructors you approve to sub each class on your schedule.

  1. Set the class types you will use to categorize your classes


Set up your classes

Classes on your MINDBODY schedule are automatically imported into Instrukt. Assign class types to each class to categorize them.

  1. Tap on a class to open it
  2. Tap on 'Edit' in the upper right corner
  3. Assign a class type to categorize the class

Set up your instructors

Invite your instructors to your Instrukt team. Assign the class types you approve them to sub. Set the studio locations where you approve them to sub.

  1. Invite your Instructors
  2. Assign class types to define which categories of classes you approve each instructor to sub
  3. Assign the studio locations where each instructor is approved to sub

Owners and managers that teach classes need to be set up as instructors too, using these same steps. You can be an owner / manager and an instructor in the same Instrukt account. 

Add Managers

If you need additional team members with admin access, have them set up instructor accounts. Then send us an email with their Instrukt user names and we'll set them up with admin access to your studio's Instrukt account.

Dig Deeper

More in-depth information about studio setup and using Instrukt at your studio is available on our support pages.

Questions? We're here to help. Reach us at

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