Class Types

Instrukt uses 'class types' to categorize your classes and define which instructors you approve to sub each class. This creates a flexible and extensible system that will grow with your business using minimal updating as you add classes and instructors.

Assigning class types categorizes classes and instructors into groups. These groups define who you approve to sub each class. Only instructors who are assigned each class type(s) assigned to a class are approved to sub it.

For example, if you assign 'Yoga - Vinyasa' to a class, only instructors who are also assigned 'Yoga - Vinyasa' will see a sub request for the class. If you also have a pre-natal Vinyasa Yoga class, assign two class types to it; 'Yoga - Vinyasa' and 'Prenatal/Postnatal'. Then only those instructors who you assign both 'Yoga - Vinyasa' and 'Prenatal/Postnatal' will see sub requests for the class.

Set and update the class types you use to categorize your classes in the 'Set Studio Class Types' setting. This setting controls which class types are visible when assigning them to classes and to instructors. 

We're here to help. Contact up at if you have any questions about setting up class types.

Class type settings for classes and instructors are only visible to owners and studio managers. Class type settings in Instrukt do not affect any MINDBODY settings. 

Classes should only have as many class types assigned as is needed to create the approval differentiation you require. Instructors should be assigned all of the class types you approve them to teach.