Instructors Features in Instrukt

Built to save you time and make sub requests easy so you can focus on teaching awesome classes!

Schedule View

Your default view.

Everything is managed from one easy-to-understand view.

Tap on any class in the schedule to view details, request subs, or sub a class.

Instructors see only classes they are scheduled to teach and open sub requests for classes they are approved to sub.

instructor schedule colors chart

Schedule colors

Colors and badges in the schedule indicate class status

Schedule filters

See only what you need to see. Filter the schedule to see:

  1. All classes
  2. Only the classes you are teaching
  3. Classes with open sub requests.

tap on the icon on the left side to display the filter options


Requesting subs for your classes

Subs are requested by tapping on the class from the schedule view and tapping on 'request sub'

  1. Instructors can request subs for their classes
  2. Owners and managers can request subs on behalf of an instructor

When a sub is requested, notifications are sent to:

  1. Instructors who have been approved by your management to sub the class
  2. Studio management

Owners, managers, and the requesting instructor can cancel a sub request at any time before it has been accepted by another instructor.

Selecting Prefered subs

When requesting a sub, you can select preferred subs from the list of instructors management has approved to sub the class. Preferred subs receive sub request notifications 18 hours before other approved instructors*. You can used preferred subs when:

  1. A sub is pre-arranged
  2. Specific instructors will offer more continuity for your clients
  3. Studio management preference

If your sub request does not get filled before the end of the preferred subs window, your sub request will be sent to other management-approved subs.

*if the sub request is submitted within 36 hours of class time, preferred subs will have 4 hours to accept before the request is sent to the other pre-approved subs. 


Sub Request comments

Comments can be added to a sub request to add context or provide a reason for the sub request. Comments are not required, but they might help get your sub requests filled faster.

Available sub status

After you've requested a sub for one of your classes, you can see the instructors who are available and who has declined your sub request by tapping on a red class in your schedule view. An instructor who has declined the request will be indicated with a red 'x' on their profile picture.

If you have selected preferred subs and the request is still in the preferred subs window, the text above the instructors list will say 'Preferred Subs'.


Declining sub requests

You can decline sub requests to indicate when you are unavailable or uninterested in filling a sub request.

When you decline a sub request:

  1. The class is removed from your schedule view
  2. Studio management and the requesting instructor will see your declined status when they view the sub request.
  3. You will not receive reminder notifications if the sub request remains open
  4. Sub requests that you have declined can be accessed and accepted from the the notifications list. If you delete a notification from the declined list, it will be gone forever.

Accepting sub requests from other instructors

When another instructor requests a sub for a class that you have been approved to sub, you will be notified about the sub request in three ways:

  1. By push notification when the request is submitted (push notifications for Instrukt can be turned on & off in your phone's settings)
  2. Through in-app notifications
  3. Shown in your schedule, highlighted green, and displaying a 'sub needed' badge.

Tap on the notification or on the available class in your schedule to view the sub request. Tap on 'sub this class' to accept the opportunity to sub it.

When you accept a sub request, Instrukt updates your studio's MINDBODY account to confirm you as the substitute instructor for the class. You will now see the class highlighted in purple in your Instrukt schedule. If you have calendar sync turned on, the class will be added to your calendar.



You will receive notifications when:

  1. A sub is requested for a class you are approved to sub
  2. Another instructor fills a sub request you have submitted
  3. Class time is approaching and a sub request for one of your classes is still open
  4. Class time is approaching and another instructor's sub request is still open
  5. A reminder when you are subbing a class

Notifications are sent via push (if enabled) and in-app notifications. In-app notifications can be accessed by tapping on the bell icon in the top bar of the schedule view.


Studio management can send announcements to communicate with their team. Announcements are one-way only and cannot be responded to.

Tap the announcements icon in the top bar to view studio announcements

Instrukt announcements

Calendar Sync

Instructors can sync their teaching schedule with the native calendar on their phone. Regularly scheduled and subbing classes will be shown in the calendar. Turn on calendar sync in the settings menu.