Focus on what has a positive impact on your business!

Why Use Instrukt? Instrukt eliminates the chaos and inefficiencies created when you manually manage your instructor sub requests. Handle instructor substitutions effortlessly. Your team can focus more time on your customers and everything that matters most to your business. 


Save time and focus effort where it matters

Eliminate the busy work and the distraction. Focus your effort where it has a positive impact on your business and your community.

Increase awareness

Empower your instructors with better information so they can help you operate efficiently. With a clear understanding of when subs are needed, your staff can get more done with less management.

Management teams can quickly view sub status for all classes.

End the chaos

Replace long and confusing email threads with simple and clear in-app messaging and status updates. Never be surprised at the last minute with an overlooked sub request. Now your instructors know exactly when they are subbing.

inst available view

Eliminate the burden, get your sub requests filled fast

Make it easy for your instructors to sub classes. Give them a process that's clear, easy, and encourages them to help out. Immediate confirmation increases instructor willingness to accept sub opportunities.

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Never miss anything

Stay informed without effort. Notifications for every sub status change, in-app status indicators, and reminders for unfilled sub requests ensure you have the latest status available at a quick glance and nothing is missed. View and generate sub reports to gain insight into sub activity without spending the time manually tracking it all.

No excuses

Your instructors know exactly where subs are needed and which classes have been covered. Subbing instructors receive reminder notifications. Calendar Sync puts your instructors' class schedule - normally scheduled and subbing - in their phone's calendar.


Let Instrukt do the lifting

Spend less time on tedious and repetitive manual tasks. Reduce errors. Have more time for the important things that move the needle at your business.

Get your sub requests filled without the chaos, begging, emailing, or texting, and stop worrying about whether you’ve forgotten something.

Built for the mobile world

Instrukt makes it easy to see and accept sub requests from anywhere. Reading through long email threads to determine when subs are needed and sending email responses while on-the-go is impractical. Instrukt makes it easy so more of your team is able to accept more sub requests and the burden on management is eliminated.


MINDBODY Integration

Instrukt integrates seamlessly with the MINDBODY account you already use. When your instructor accepts a sub request MINDBODY is immediately updated. Automatically!! Saves time, eliminate errors, and ensure your schedule is always up to date. Instrukt is a trusted MINDBODY Parter.