Stop wasting valuable time managing sub requests with manual processes.

You and your team have a lot to focus on. Manually managing your instructor sub requests creates chaos and distraction. Whether you currently rely on emails, a shared spreadsheet, Facebook, text messages, or something else, your current process is manual, time-consuming, and creates opportunities for errors that will negatively impact your business. Increase efficiency and eliminate the chaos so your team can spend time on what matters!

Supercharge your process so you and your team can focus on the things that make your studio awesome!


Eliminate the headaches and errors with a sub request process that is intuitive and robust.

To grow your business, you have to focus your effort on the things that make a difference. With Instrukt, you and your staff will have more time to focus on what is important to the success of your business - your customers!

Instrukt is fast and intuitive from the beginning of the sub request to its completion. The noise created by back-and-forth emails and messages is eliminated and the risk of error is removed. Immediate status updates take away any uncertainty. Automatic MINDBODY updates save time and make it easy.

There are no long threads to read through and no risk of missing one. You don't have to make calls or send messages to fill spots. There's no need to maintain a separate spreadsheet to track sub requests. Instrukt handles it all for you!

The best sub request experience for you and your staff!

Your instructors can only accept an opportunity to sub a class if they know about it.

Instrukt uses push and in-app notifications to alert approved instructors about sub requests. Instructors see sub opportunities right in their schedule.

Emails get buried, group messages are a mess, and instructors don't check shared spreadsheets regularly. When your process makes it difficult and time consuming for your instructors to know when subs are needed, they don't bother and you are left scrambling to find coverage. Make it easy and get your sub requests filled.

With Instrukt, the confusion is eliminated. Owners, managers and instructors know exactly when subs are needed.

Your sub requests are filled quickly, and you stay informed without all the wasted time. 


Easy for your instructors to accept sub opportunities

When it's difficult for your instructors to see and accept opportunities to sub a class, your sub openings don't get filled as easily as they should. You and your staff are then left scrambling to find subs.

When your instructors have to sort through messages, check their calendar, respond to messages, and then wait for a confirmation, you've made it difficult for them to accept a sub opportunity. With Instrukt, a quick look at the schedule and one tap is all it takes for your instructors to sub the class.

Because it's easy to accept a sub opportunity using Instrukt, your instructors can pick up sub spots in situations where they would not be able to read and respond to an email.

Get classes covered faster.


A consolidated and organized view of sub request status

Maintaining a spreadsheet and following email threads to track your sub requests is time consuming and prone to error. With Instrukt, your entire schedule, with sub status indicated, is shown in one view. Sub request status is updated immediately and automatically. Stay informed without the effort.

Filters enable you to view classes based on the sub status you want to see.

Automatic reminders when an upcoming class has an unfilled sub request ensure you're never caught off-guard.

Weekly summary reports provide a complete picture of sub request activity.

You'll always know the status of every request. 


Automation with total control

Automating repetitive tasks saves time and eliminates errors. Instrukt automates your sub request process while you maintain total control over which of your instructors are eligible to sub each class.

Only your approved instructors are notified about a sub request. You have complete control of the process without spending so much time managing it.

When you make schedule changes in MINDBODY, Instrukt is updated automatically.

When a sub request is filled, MINDBODY is automatically updated. The manual process is eliminated, saving time and eliminating the chance for errors.

Setup is fast and easy!

Owners and managers can focus on growing their studio.