Save time and eliminate the chaos

Focus on what matters most to your business

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Save time and eliminate the chaos

Focus on what matters most to your business


Stop sweating over your sub requests!

Instrukt takes the hassle and aggravation out of your instructor substitute requests. Forget endless emails and long message threads. Eliminate the errors and confusion. Instrukt integrates with your MINDBODY account to maximize your efficiency. Stop wasting time and free up hours every week so you can focus on what really matters to your business.


Save Time

You and your staff have a lot to do. Spend your valuable time where it has a positive impact on your business.



Eliminate errors and confusion. Everything is automated so nothing gets dropped. Reminders and immediate schedule updates ensure nothing is missed.


Eliminate the Chaos

Know exactly when subs are needed and when classes have been subbed. Stop wasting time digging through cluttered and out-of-date email threads trying to figure it out.


Automation with Control

You define which instructors are approved to sub each class. You can focus on growing your business while knowing only your approved instructors will be subbing classes.


Handle Subs with Ease

Easy and convenient. Instructors can quickly accept requests from anywhere, before they forget about it. Your sub requests are filled faster.


MINDBODY Integrated

Integrates seamlessly with the software that you already use. No more manual updates and no errors. Your schedule is always up-to-date for you, your staff, and clients.

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